Do not hesitate to shop abroad !

Why wait to shop abroad – for example in China?
There are numerous advantages to suggest that one should purchases abroad from low-cost countries. The motive for shopping may be different, one motive or objective may be to act economically on its own behalf. This goal can be achieved because:
• The unit prices of the goods are very often much lower in low-cost countries than in home country.
• In Norway, a purchase over the Internet and importing goods from abroad is valued at up to NOK 350 without paying 25% VAT. Only this gives a discount of 25% compared to buying the same goods in Norway. In addition to the already low unit prices, you will often receive discounts on goods. The total savings can therefore be high.
• A number of vendors offer to send the purchased product to Norway without shipping costs, which means NOK 0 in freight cost. Free shipping sending means that one must take into account that the product uses from 14 days to a month before it reach you.
• The product may be delivered at the local post office or you’ll get it in the mail, if the package is not too big.
• Several suppliers gives buyers guarantee, which entitles you to return the item if you are not satisfied with what is received. You can also agree with the supplier for compensation.
• If the supplier uses PayPal as payment method and you use this scheme for payments, PayPal guarantees free return of the item if it does not meet the expected quality or you forother reasons would like to return it. Trade abroad coupled with this payment method is therefore risk free. One does not lose money and rarely do bad purchase.
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