Free return shipping

Do you know that you get back the money for return shipping of products from PayPal. This coupled with buyer protection afforded by such as AliExpress, makes that you can return goods without extra cost it the goods do not meet the expected quality. If you buy a piece of clothing that is too small in size, you can return the product and ask for full compensation. The compensation will be agreed with the seller, prior to any return of the goods. Follow “Today’s Offer” – www.http: //
Quote from PayPal: So you get one less thing to think about when you shop online. Get money back for return freight. When you buy something online and pay with PayPal, you can get back the money for return shipping if you regret your purchase. * And it is also true when shopping abroad. So now you can shop safely online without worrying about the return shipping. To use this new service, you must activate it – it’s free. Sometimes aren’t goods you buy online quite as expected. Now you can send the goods back without worrying about the cost of return shipping – we can give you your money back. The service is free, and applies whether you shop in Norway or abroad. End quote.

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