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Welcome to ShopAbroad – shop without VAT

Our site is built on the idea that you  will have benefits when you shop products abroad. Many countries do have laws that regulates how much you can buy without paying taxes or custom charges. We do hope that you by using the internet site ShopAbroad.no in an easy way find products that will be tax-free for you. You have to think that you can split an order in several, in a way that each order is under the tax-free level. If you shop products at AliExpress, which are distributed among many suppliers, each purchased product represent one order. This means, if your total order is over the limit NOK 350, it will come without a mark of VAT to you in Norway if the individual cost of the product including freight and insurance does not exceed the limit. There are also products which are duty-free in Norway as, for example books. Do also take a glance into the blog with the heading “Information from ShopAbroad”. Here you will get tips of smart use of the site ShopAbroad.no.

Shop Abroad – no VAT

In Norway this limit VAT fries at under NOK 350 including freight and insurance.
ShopAbroad.no is connected to www.AliExpress.com and other big netshops. These are of the largest players in the word in offering a huge range of products for consumers.

We also refer to the following website where you find informations about rules for customs clearance. You can also calculate how much duties and taxes you have to pay in addition if you shop abroad products that overlies the regulated limit. There are also products which are duty-free in Norway as, for example books.

Shop Abroad – no tax

See the rules for Norway: Toll- og avgiftsdirektorate.

In having a strategy for buying tax-free, use coupon codes and use the discounts that the different suppliers/vendors is offering. You will probably achieve a total savings over the product’s normal price which is significant.

See:Dagens Næringsliv and Smartepenger:

Best wishes for smart purchases from the administration at ShopAbroad.

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